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Posted on: January 23, 2020

Cancellation of Building Permit Services - MD of Bighorn.


Important Notice for Builders and Landowners that as of March 1, 2020 the MD of Bighorn will no longer be an accredited municipality for building services.

Important Timeline Dates:

  • February 14, 2020
    MD of Bighorn will no longer be accepting Building Permit Applications or Scheduling any inspections.

  • March 1, 2020
    Full transition to Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA)

What is a withdrawal from Building Accreditation?

The MD’s Council has passed by resolution to formally withdrawal from being an accredited municipality for building services. This includes, but is not limited to; inspections, building permit application review, issuance of valid building permits, issuance of occupancy approvals, and any National Building Code inquiries will no longer be provided by the MD of Bighorn. 

Who is the Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA)? 

The Safety Codes Council was established by the Government of Alberta in 1993 and is responsible to the Minister of Municipal Affairs to administer portions of the safety system across the Province; including accreditation of municipalities, and agencies. They are also responsible for certifying and training Safety Codes Officers who conduct the inspections for permits issued by an accredited municipality or agency. 

House ClipartjpgHow will this effect MD residents and builders?

All future development will still require a valid Development Permit issued by the MD of Bighorn, under Land Use Bylaw 09-z/18. As part of your approval, you may be required to obtain a Building Permit. The MD of Bighorn will no longer be accredited to issue building permits, all applicants will be required to contact a listed Accredit-ed Agency that is assigned by Alberta Safety Codes Authority. This will also apply for any valid permits that require inspections or amendments.

Additional Information

Below is a direct link to the Accredited Agencies listing, please search for “Bighorn No. 8, Municipal District of” for agencies for all Electrical, Plumbing, and Gas Permits. Agencies for Building will be added after the full transition date mentioned above.
Safety Codes Council - Where to to get a Permit?

Contact ASCA directly at:1- 888-413-0099 
askasca@safetycodes.ab.caSafety Codes Logo

Feel free to contact the MD’s Planning Department for any questions or concerns regarding this transition to;
Jared Kassel, Director of Planning 
(403) 673-3611 Ext. 222 

Cancellation of Building Permit Services Notice
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