Local Programming Support

Local programs are community-developed recreational/educational classes that are relevant, short, simple and safe. Examples of classes that may be developed and offered locally might include instruction in basic fitness, art, tutoring sessions, music lessons and so on.

Local programs that are directly supported with resources provided by the MD of Bighorn are offered on a cost recovery basis through registration and are developed in partnership with the Community Services Coordinator.

Local programs are eligible to receive direct support from the MD receive support in the form of program planning, insurance and human resources, health and safety, marketing and online registration options.

A thorough offering of recreational, educational and social services are available through the MD of Bighorn’s partnerships with the neighbouring towns of Cochrane and Canmore. Specialized services not offered elsewhere are available in Calgary, though with significant travel time. Cochrane and Canmore (as well as, Banff in the west and Sundre in the north) are able to sustain diverse facilities and service teams which are available to residents of the MD of Bighorn.

In between your community associations’ events and the full-service programming available in neighbouring towns, local programming supported by the MD of Bighorn can provide unique benefits:

    Low travel times to programs

    Programs that are developed for local, specific needs

    Programs that are adaptable to changing circumstances

    Programs that create positive social interactions within the local community

If you are interested in developing a local class or program on a cost recovery through registration with the support of the MD's Community Services, please read the attached document: MD of Bighorn's Guide to Developing and Delivering Local Programs. Please contact the Community Services Coordinator early in your program planning to see how your proposal can be hosted by the MD.

MD of Bighorn's Guide to Developing and Delivering Local Programs (PDF)

Local programming that becomes available to open registration in the MD of Bighorn will be listed on this webpage with program details and an online program registration form.