Proposed Bylaw No. 20-Z/22 - Omnibus Land Use Bylaw Amendments - Information Page

WHAT/WHY: The Land Use Bylaw is the MD of Bighorn’s primary tool for regulating how land is used and developed in the MD.  Land Use Bylaw 09-Z/18 was adopted by Council in September of 2018.  Throughout the past several years, the planning department has been tracking a list of housekeeping amendments to ensure that the Land Use Bylaw is current and effective in regulating development within the MD.  The updates are based on staff experiences in processing application and feedback from applicants.  The LUB is intended to be a living document which grows with the MD and responds to current issues and challenges.  It is anticipated that these omnibus amendments will create efficiencies in development approvals and enforcement.  

Note that the proposed LUB amendments are considered to be administrative amendments to help streamline the development process and provide clarity to both planning staff and applicants.  Amendments that are deemed to require substantive changes to the Land Use Bylaw and require additional public consultation are not included in the proposed omnibus amendments.  These will be brought forward as separate applications by Administration, as departmental capacity allows. 

HOW TO VIEW: The proposed Land Use Bylaw amendments are outlined in the below ‘Land Use Bylaw Omnibus Amendments Summary Table’ and ‘Bylaw 20-Z/22.’  As part of the omnibus amendments, the Rural Land Use map and Hamlet maps (where required) have also been updated and are linked below.  The proposed amendments can also be viewed at the MD of Bighorn municipal office at 2 Heart Mountain Drive in Exshaw.  

NEXT STEPS: Council has passed First Reading of the proposed Land Use Bylaw Omnibus Amendments, and in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, a Public Hearing has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at 6pm at the MD of Bighorn Council Chambers (2 Heart Mountain Drive in Exshaw).  Participation at the public hearing is open to the public.  The Public Hearing will be advertised in accordance with the Municipal Government Act.