Infrastructure Servicing

The Operations Departments oversees many of the M.D.'s infrastructure servicing requirements for subdivision and land development. 

The Operations Department retains a third party engineering consultant to review and respond to engineering submissions and enquires.  All third party engineering and other professional costs, including any costs incurred by Operations, are recoverable at the complete expense of the developer.

The Operations Department's design guidelines and construction specifications for infrastructure servicing are provided in the following publications:

Standards for Major Plans (February 2022):

Provides the Operations Department’s requirements for the creation of an area structure plan (ASP), area redevelopment plan (ARP), conceptual scheme, or an amendment thereafter, collectively referred to as a “Major Plan”. (Infrastructure Servicing Form - Major Plans)

Standards for Subdivision Servicing (December 2020):

Provides the requirements for the subdivision of land pursuant to a Development Agreement for Subdivision, including bareland condominium subdivision.  These standards do not apply to First Parcel Out subdivision in the Agriculture Conservation District or to the subdivision of one residential lot into two registered parcels that meet the lots size regulations in the Land Use Bylaw. (Infrastructure Servicing Form - Subdivision)

Standards for Site Servicing (June 2019):

Provides the requirements for on-site improvements within a titled parcel without the subdivision of land, and the subdivision of buildings into condominium units. (Infrastructure Servicing Form - ICIM Development)

Road Design Guidelines & Constructions Specifications (2017 Edition):

Provides the requirements for developing municipal roads which are not part of a Development Agreement for Subdivision (Application Form).

Driveway Approach Standards (May 2017):

Provides the requirements for the construction of a new, or the modification of an existing driveway approach, between the carriageway of a municipal roadway and private land (Application Form).

Other Operations Department Approvals:

Road Permitting and Approvals

Utilities Permitting and Approvals