Marjory Gibney, Marilyn Hogarth, & Pat Ritchie

Growing up in Seebe

Three long term residents and friends, reminiscing and discuss their growing up in the community of Seebe (near Highway 1X at the TransAlta Hydro-plant). They each talk about the memories and experiences within this tight-knit community of 25 families and single staff house folk, as well as the sadness of seeing the community go. Their life in Seebe was centered around the school and community. 

Marjory Gibney (Smith)

Marjory was raised up in the community of Seebe with her Father (Bob Smith) and Mother. Her father was born in the Town of Banff, and worked for TransAlta in Seebe, Alberta. Her mother was from the Town of Olds, worked in the Town of Banff for the summers married in 1953 and moved to Seebe, Alberta.

Marilyn Hogarth (Crowder)

Marilyn was born in the Town of Canmore, lived in staff accommodation with her parents at the Ghost Dam Calgary Power-plant until they relocated to the community of Seebe when she was 7-years old. She also attended the Banff High School and pursued her Nursing Degree at the University of Calgary. 

Pat Ritchie (Moore)

Pat was raised up in the community of Seebe. She attended the University in Edmonton, and started her career as the Principle of the Seebe School, and Elizabeth Rummel School in the Town of Canmore. Her mother lived in the community of Seebe, and her Grandfather worked on the TransAlta Horseshoe Dam project in 1911.  


Municipal District of Bighorn Interview highlights of Marjory Gibney, Marilyn Hogarth, and Pat Ritchie – January 29, 2016. 
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Marilyn, Marjory, and Pat - 2016

Marilyn, Marjory and Pat

Marjory Gibney (Smith), 2016

Marjory Smith

Marilyn Hogarth (Crowder), 2016

Marilyn Hogarth

Pat Ritchie (Moore), 2016

Pat Ritchie