Linda Thomas

No Computers or ATV’s

Linda tells of a childhood bursting with overnight camping in the forest; rope swings at the Ghost River swimming hole; rounding up your horses before you could ride; and if you could shovel your way through the snow, learning to dance at Bill Bagley’s winter cabin parties.  The music was always live, consisting of Bill’s accordion accompanied by whatever instruments the guests brought with them. 

Linda Thomas, 2016

Linda Thomas

Changes over time

These interviews describe the rapid changes seen by Linda in the Hamlet of Benchlands and Jamieson Road areas.  From Linda being the only child catching the school bus and her husband Reed being one of the 7 students in the first Cochrane graduating class,  to their children getting rides to town from their friends and selecting which of 3 Cochrane high schools they choose to attend. 


Municipal District of Bighorn Interview highlights of Linda Thomas – October 3, 2016. 
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