Don & Elsie Courville

A Family Affair 

Don Courville along with his two brothers and his parents joined together to purchase a small cabin in Benchlands in 1963.  His parents moved in for their retirement and were soon joined by other family members. Don later joined local Jack MacGregor in the purchase of a ¼ section of land off Jamieson Road and keeping a piece for himself he then sold a piece to his brother Dennis and the two families built houses and set new roots in the area.  

Don and Elsie tell stories of life in Benchlands and Jamieson Road.  From the wildlife and local dances to breaking the river ice to fetch water for the laundry. 

Municipal District of Bighorn Interview highlights of Don Courville – October 3, 2016.

  • Municipal District of Bighorn Interview highlights of Elsie Courville – October 3, 2016.

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    Don Courville, 2016

    Don Courville

    Elsie Courville, 2016

    Elsie Courville