Parks & Trails

Playground Maintenance

The Municipality inspects and maintains the following playgrounds and parks between May 1 to September 30:

  • Jeffery Park Playground, Exshaw
  • Windridge Playground, Exshaw
  • Exshaw Bike Skills Park
  • River’s Bend Playground, Dead Man's Flats
  • Lac des Arcs Playground
  • Harvie Heights Playground 


The grass in and around the playground areas is mowed on a regular basis during May 1 to September 30.  Other areas that see regular mowing include the entrance into River’s Bend, Harvie Heights and Lac Des Arcs.

Trail Maintenance

Residents and trail users should be aware that not all trails in the MD are inspected or maintained regularly.  Many of the trails in the area are under the control and management of the Province through Alberta Environment and Parks. 

Dog Bag Dispensers

Dog bags throughout the MD are inspected and refilled on a weekly basis. New dispensers may be considered by Council as per Policy CS-14.