Bans & Restrictions

Road Bans

In order to protect our municipal roads, seasonal road ban restrictions of 60% are applied to Jamieson, and Richards Roads which come into effect annually on March 15th and are increased back to 90% loading on June 15th annually or, as seasonal/environmental conditions dictate. Courville Road maintains a 75% restriction year-round.

Current Weight Restrictions & Road Bans: Effective 12:00 hrs Wednesday, May 31, 2023

LocationPlan NumberAxle Percentage
Jamieson Road73116990% Weights
Jamieson Road1970 B.M90% Weights
Courville Road001025575% Weights
Richards Road6068 JK90% Weights

Overweight/Overdimension Permit and Road Use Agreement

Bridge Weight Restrictions

The Municipality will not permit any overweight load in excess of the following weight restrictions, or as otherwise posted:

  • Fallen Timber Creek Bridge 18/32/48
  • Ghost River Bridge (Richards Road) 19/21/23

The Waiparous Creek Bridge on Highway 40 is under the control and management of Alberta Transportation.