Exshaw Creek Debris-Flood Mitigation Project

Update- April 25, 2019 Exshaw Creek Construction

Construction progress for Exshaw Creek has been good and is moving along. In general, work on the creek will initially be focused at the upstream end of Exshaw Creek and continue downstream over the course of the project. 

A material screener/sorter will soon be starting operation in the laydown area across from Windridge Road. This machine is going to be noisy and dusty, and will be operating until at least July. This is likely to be one of the most unpleasant parts of the Exshaw Creek project, and we apologize in advance for the noise and dust. 

**All attempts will be made to minimize dust and to complete this part of the project in the shortest time possible.**

Thank you in advance for your understanding. When this project is complete, the residents of Exshaw will be significantly better protected from flooding from Exshaw Creek.

Questions or concerns please contact Doug Fulford, Director of Flood Recovery, at 403-493-0314.