Indigenous History Stories of the Area

The Chiniki Elders Advisory Council and Municipal District of Bighorn collaborated over a two-year period to select the locations, stories and artwork for eight Stoney Nakoda story signs around the Bow Valley as a joint Canada 150 Project.


Thanks for the funding for this “Telling Our Stories” joint and collaborative Canada 150 project must go to Banff Canmore Community Foundation, Community Foundations of Canada and the Municipal District of Bighorn. 

Thank you to all three organizations for having the faith in our shared vision of providing ways for us all to share stories of our cultures and lives - starting first with these historic stories from our Stoney Nakoda neighbours and friends.  

Public Blessing and Unveiling Ceremonies were held at each of the eight “Telling Our Stories” Stoney Nakoda Story Signs over three days June 6, 7, and 8, 2018

For more information on the eight story sign sites download the Story Sign Locations Brochure.

Stoney Nakoda Story Signs

Chief John Chiniquay/ Chiniki Cultural Centre
Ozade Imne / Kananaskis
Iya Mnathka / EYamnuska
Chanh Pay Oda / Exshaw
Tae Guh They Hunch / Dead Man's Flats
Tinda Mimun / Indian Flats