Cemetery Restorations

Naming Plaque

Major restorations of the cemetery were undertaken by Lafarge Canada Inc. in 1984 and 2003. The cemetery has been surrounded by a chain link fence and a plaque was posted listing some of the names of those buried there.

Restricted Access

Access remains restricted due to safety concerns; however, visits can be arranged by contacting Lafarge.

1st Cemetery Plaque, Exshaw Cemetery 1984

1st Cemetery Plaque


The site is largely overgrown now with many aspen and pine trees as well as thick grass and bushes, and the Municipal District plans to work with Lafarge and Alberta Public Lands to determine a long term maintenance program.

The cemetery sits on Crown land in an unused area of the Lafarge quarry. Access is restricted, due to quarry safety concerns, but visits can be arranged for relatives or other people with a special link to the cemetery by contacting Lafarge Canada Inc.