Heritage Management Plan

Black Rock Lookout

Decision Making Framework

A Heritage Resources Management Plan provides a framework for decision making to help to retain, maintain and appreciate historic buildings, landscapes and structures in the community. It is one of the most compelling ways to respect our past and enrich the present and future. The Municipal District of Bighorn adopted its Heritage Management Plan in 2012.

Rafter Six Ranch - Statement of Significance

In 2015 the Municipal District had Rafter Six Ranch Statement of Significance prepared. The Statement of Significance describes the historical values of the site.

McDougall Memorial United Church Site, Morleyville Methodist Mission

McDougall Memorial United Church Site - Morleyville Methodist Mission

Morleyville Methodist Mission - Statement of Significance

In 2013 the Municipal District designated the Morleyville Methodist Mission as a Municipal Historical Resource. The Morleyville Methodist Mission Statement of Significance which is a Schedule to the Designation Bylaw, describes the historical values of the site.

Oral History Project

In 2011 the Municipal District Heritage Resources Committee launched the Oral History Project. The Interviews and Interviewee listings are presented on our Oral History Project page.

Reddy Kilowatt Linoleum Restoration

In 2005 the Municipal District recovered the linoleum Reddy Kilowatt from the TransAlta Staff House in Seebe, Alberta. The linoleum of Reddy Kilowatt restoration was completed in 2013 and is now displayed at the Municipal District building in Exshaw, it was also presented in an article of the Rocky Mountain Outlook. Read an article about the Restoration of Reddy Kilowatt.

Exshaw Cemetery History Preservation

The Municipal District Heritage Resource Committee has been gathering information on the Exshaw Cemetery in order to secure the cemetery's history before it is lost. The details of its preservation and history are presented on our Exshaw Cemetery page.

Black Rock Fire Lookout - Statement of Significance

The Black Rock Fire Lookout, constructed circa 1928, is a stunning example of a summit-style lookout providing 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. Alberta's fire lookouts were established as a means of early detection and monitoring of wild fires and played, then as they do now, a pivotal roll in maintaining Alberta's forests. The Black Rock Fire Lookout was added to the Municipal District of Bighorns Heritage Inventory in 2011.

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