Boards & Committees

Community Participation

The Municipal District of Bighorn, like many (if not all) other Alberta municipalities, relies heavily on advice and recommendations from volunteers sitting on boards, committees and commissions.

Establishment of Boards & Committees

While boards, committees and commissions may each have varying reasons for their existence (some bodies are required by legislation; some are "ad-hoc"- formed for single issue purposes; some are strictly advisory bodies) most are established for the following reasons:
  • Assist Council by reducing the workload. Boards, committees and commissions will review material, weigh alternatives, and make recommendations to Council, thus substantially reducing the turnaround time and sparing Council a great deal of work.
  • Provide further opportunities for public input into the political forum

Appointed Representatives

Municipal District Council appoints representatives from both Council and the public to various boards, committees and commissions annually, at the Organizational meeting held in October. Some of the boards, committees and commissions are of an "internal operational" nature and therefore do not warrant public participation.

Councillors and the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) represent the Municipal District of Bighorn on the following external boards and committees:

Councillor Erik Butters

Councillor Lisa Rosvold 

Deputy Reeve Paul Clark

  • Cochrane Inter-Municipal Committee

Robert Ellis - CAO

  • Ghost Stewardship Monitoring Group (GSMG)