Transportation Assistance Programs

Access to Transportation

There is a small budget to assist Municipal District Residents who are over the age of 65 or who have disabilities and have little or very limited access to transportation. Eligibility is income and residency based and assistance can be made by either refunding some per kilometre costs or by issuing Taxi Passes.

Driving Angels

Driving Angels are community heroes who offer peace of mind to seniors by helping them get to medical appointments, shop for groceries or attend social functions. Volunteer drivers make an incredible difference to the freedom and mobility of aging Albertans, many of whom are housebound, especially during the winter months. Whether you are retired or just have a few hours to give to a senior in your community, being a volunteer driver is a rewarding experience.


We need more volunteer drivers to be able to assist more residents in each area of the Municipal District. We currently have 2 drivers from Exshaw but none in any of the other residential areas. Please contact Community Services to find out more about how you can also become one of our Driving Angels!

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