Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

Primary Policy Document

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is the primary policy document that provides long-term guidelines and policy direction for the future growth and development within the municipality. It also guides the policy direction for other municipal planning documents, such as Area Structure/Redevelopment Plans, and the Land Use Bylaw.

Public Involvement

The Municipal Development Plan was prepared with a high level of public involvement.

The Municipal District of Bighorn community vision is:
To continue to enjoy a high quality of life within a rural municipality that celebrates its heritage and protects and enhances its beautiful natural environment, and that is supported by a diverse and sustainable economy.

Living Document

The Municipal Development Plan is intended to respond and adapt to the changing needs of the municipality’s residents. The MDP is reviewed at intervals of approximately five years, an application may be made to Council to amend the MDP at any time. 

The new 2012 Municipal Development Plan Bylaw No. 05/12 was adopted by Council in January 2013.

Municipal Development Plan Documents