Subdivision Services

Subdivision of Land

Subdivision means to divide a parcel of land with the purpose of obtaining separate certificates of title for the new parcel or parcels. The process of subdividing land can be a complex undertaking and is subject to both provincial and municipal regulations.

Subdivision Application Process

An application to subdivide land within the municipality is processed by the planning and development department. A completed subdivision application is referred by planning staff to provincial agencies and adjacent landowners for comment. Once the referral time period has passed, the comments received help the planning staff to make a recommendation to the municipal Subdivision Authority for approval or refusal of the application, and formulate any conditions that should be required prior to the final subdivision endorsement.

Conditional Approval

An applicant for the subdivision of land should expect a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks for a conditional approval by the Subdivision Authority, and longer for more complex subdivisions. Because the approval authority (the Municipal Planning Commission) meets only once a month, the decision period may need to be extended beyond the normal 60-day period as required by provincial legislation. In these circumstances, a Subdivision Application Time Extension is required from the applicant.


Once the applicant is given conditional approval for subdivision, the applicant is allowed one year to meet the specified requirements within the conditions of approval before final endorsement. To apply for an extension to the endorsement period, a written request to Council must be made.
Subdivision Appeals

If a subdivision appeal is received, a hearing is held by the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (S/DAB).

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