Native Species


The Municipal District of Bighorn is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and contains a variety of ecosystems within its borders. The use of native plant species whenever possible is highly encouraged for residential and commercial development. Learning what is able to grow in the area and is native to the surrounding environment will increase your chance of establishment and decrease your maintenance and replacement costs.

Buyer Beware

The purchase of Wildflower Mixes is not recommended. Rarely are all species included within the wildflower mix seed packets listed and even if they are, some invasive plant species can be referred to by multiple common names. Seed mixes that list both the common and scientific (Latin) name are preferred as it is easier to determine the contents.

Contact the Municipal District of Bighorn for a Native Wildflower seed mix packet.

Suitable Species

For examples or suggestions of native plant species suitable for your area please contact the Environmental Fieldman or the Assistant Environmental Fieldman or search the Native Plant Database or visit the Alberta Native Plant Council.