Agricultural Pests

Agricultural Pests Act

The Agricultural Pests Act is the legislation in Alberta that defines animals, insects and diseases as an agricultural pest or nuisance. The Municipal District of Bighorn is responsible for managing agricultural pests and nuisances on municipal owned property and private landowners are responsible for managing them on their own property. Agricultural pests must be controlled while nuisances may be controlled. Some problem pests that you might encounter in the Municipal District of Bighorn are:

  • Bushy-tailed Wood Rat (Nuisance)
  • Coyotes (Nuisance)
  • Dutch Elm Disease (Pest)
  • Magpie (Nuisance)
  • Northern Pocket Gopher (Nuisance)
  • Norway Rat (Pest)
  • Richardson's Ground Squirrel (Nuisance)
  • Skunk (Nuisance)
Agricultural Pests Act and Regulations


The Agricultural Services staff are available to assist Municipal District residents with advice or information on managing these pests.