Weed Control Programs

Inspection & Control

Appointed as inspectors under the Weed Control Act, the Municipal District of Bighorn Environmental Fieldman and Assistant Environmental Fieldman administer the municipal weed inspection and control program. Inspections for regulated weed species are done on private and public property throughout the growing season. The herbicide application program takes place annually from June 1st to September 30th.

Weed & Plant Identification

The Municipal District of Bighorn Agricultural Services staff are available to assist landowners with resolving weed control issues and can offer suggestions for preventing future infestations. If you are unsure if you have any of the regulated weed species on your property or just need assistance with plant identification in general, please contact the Environmental Fieldman or Assistant Environmental Fieldman. They are available to come to your property and will try to identify any plant species you are unsure about.

Herbicide Applicators for Private Property

If you are looking for a herbicide applicator to do weed control on your property you can try contacting one of these companies.

Prairie Environmental Services Limited (Weed and Pest Control)
Email Prairie Environmental Services

Greentech Environmental Solutions Incorporated
Email Greentech Environmental Solutions

Woodchuk Enterprises Ltd.
Email Woodchuk Enterprises Ltd.

McLean Vegetation Services
Email McLean Vegetation Services

Cortex Vegetation Management
Email Cortex Vegetation Management

Applying Herbicide

If you have a Pesticide Applicator Certificate and are applying herbicide yourself to a small area on your property, you can purchase a small backpack sprayer from most garden centre locations for personal use on your property. The Municipal District of Bighorn has a backpack sprayer available to rent. Contact the Agricultural Services staff at 403-673-3611 for more information.