Bow River


The Bow River births high in the Canadian Rockies in Jasper National Park at the Bow Glacier. The river runs South through Banff National Park and Canmore before being interrupted East of Canmore by hydro-electric dams that control the downstream water flow, thus stabilizing the water level in the Bow River to provide world class fishing from Canmore through Calgary to Carseland 55 kilometers South of Calgary.

Stable Water Levels

The stable water levels generate prolific Caddis and Mayfly hatches all along the river, producing browns and rainbows of superior size and strength. The river, having an average of 2500 fish per river mile makes the Bow River a legend among fly fishing rivers around the world.

Grand Adventure

There is no other river quite like the Bow. One would be hard pressed to think of anywhere else in the world that one could partake in such a grand adventure as the Bow offers when it comes to white water rafting! There are several rafting operators in the area.