Operations delivers the Municipality’s roads, playgrounds, trails, water, Vehicle traveling down road with sunset behind itwastewater, solid waste, recycling services, some of the Municipality's agricultural & environmental programs, and provides many of the Municipality's Infrastructure Servicing requirements for subdivision and land development.

Operations is organized into the following:

  • Agriculture, Environment and Parks Department
  • Roads Department
  • Utilities Department

Agriculture, Environment and Parks Department cattle herd (2)

The Agriculture, Environment and Parks Department administers the agricultural and environmental programs of the municipality, including beneficial management practices, native grass seed mixes, weed and pest control, and oversees playground and trail maintenance.

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Roads Department

Packing Twp. Rd. 252

The Roads Department oversees the maintenance and permitting of the municipality's roads, including snow clearing and removal, gravel road grading, pothole patching, line painting, roadside grass cutting, sign installations and culvert maintenance.

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Utilities Department

green and blue pipesThe Utilities Department oversees the operations and maintenance of the municipal water and wastewater utilities and solid waste & recycling programs.

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Infrastructure Servicing

The Operations Departments provides many of the M.D.'s engineering stock-photo-plansdesign and construction specifications for infrastructure servicing as part of subdivision and land development.  The requirements are provided in the following publications: Standards for Major Plans, Standards for Subdivision Servicing, Site Servicing Standards, Road Design Guidelines & Construction Specifications and Driveway Approach Standards.

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