Department Overview

Operations Department

The Operations Department oversees the delivery of the municipality’s roads, water, wastewater, and solid waste management programs, as well as some aspects of playground, trails, agriculture and environment.

Under the Director of Operations, the Department is organized into the following divisions:

  • Roads.
  • Utilities.
  • Agriculture & Environment.

Roads Division:

The Roads Division oversees the operations, maintenance and permitting of the municipal road network, including snow clearing and removal, gravel road grading, pothole patching, line painting, roadside tree and shrub removal, roadside grass cutting, sign installations and maintenance, and culvert maintenance.   

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Utilities Division:

The Utilities Division oversees the operations and maintenance of the municipal water and wastewater utilities, solid waste removal and recycling programs, hamlet clean-up programs, transfer site maintenance, facility maintenance, and playground and trail maintenance.

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Agriculture & Environment Division:

Under the direction of various departments, the Agricultural and Environmental Services oversees and administers the agriculture and environmental programs of the municipality, including agriculture/environmental beneficial management practices, native grass seed mixes, riparian area protection, soil and water conservation, watershed management, and weed and pest control.

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