Dead Man's Flats

Historical Information

Dead Man’s Flats was developed primarily as a commercial centre. In 1992, a 44-unit condominium development was built.
Sign announcing hamlet of Dead Mans Flats
An Area Structure Plan was completed in 2013 and development is proceeding for a 78 unit residential and light industrial subdivision.

Community Resources

Playground There was a CSA standard playground located in the northern part of the community that was built by the Community Association in 1995. This area was damaged by winter ice flows and then by the spring flood of 2013. A 5 year old playground for 2-5 year olds was donated to the people of Dead Man's Flats by ATB Financial in Calgary and will be placed with 5-12 year olds flood replacement playground equipment further from possible future flooding.

Trails Asphalt surfaced trail along south and west boundary of Pigeon Creek Condominiums.

Community Organizations

  • The following community organizations are in Dead Man's Flats:
  • Dead Man's Flats Business Development Association
  • Dead Man's Flats Community Association - email
  • Pigeon Mountain Condominium Association
Population: 121 (2011 Federal Census)