Population: 219 (estimated from 2016 Federal Census data)18056532278_bfcf8382cf_o

Resources and population in Benchlands and the Ghost River Country Residential Subdivision are listed separately.


Historical Information

Rural in nature, this area is primarily a ranching community with some country residential properties. It includes small holdings north of the Bow River, Jamieson Road, Benchlands and the Ghost River Country Residential Subdivision surrounded by rural agriculture, south of the Bow River. The West Jumpingpound area is primarily ranching and rural acreages.


Community Resources

Residents in the area north of the Bow River generally utilize the Beaupre Hall, situated in Rocky View County. Residents of the Jamieson Road area also utilize Beaupre Hall and the private facilities of The Crossing at Ghost River conference centre. Residents in the West Jumpingpound area mainly utilize the Jumpingpound Community Hall located in Rocky View County.

Beaupre Community Hall

A community hall located east of Highway 40 and situated on a 5+ acre parcel of land. The hall houses most community events and meetings including the Parent Link program, community preschool, artists organizations, private rentals and concert series.

Jumpingpound Community Hall

A community hall situated in Rocky View County north of Highway 1 and east of the Jumpingpound Creek.

Jamieson Road Fire Hall

There is a volunteer fire department


Community Organizations

The following community organizations are in South Ranchlands:
Beaupre Community Association
Ghost Valley Community – email: ghostvalleycommunity@gmail.com, 403-200-1290
Ghost Waiparous Trails Association – email: gwta.ab.ca@gmail.com
Ghost Watershed Alliance Society
Jumpingpound Community Association – email: holly.reiny@gmail.com
McDougall Stoney Mission Society