Alberta Programs and Services for Seniors

Program Guide for 2016/17: the Benefit Year runs July to June 30

Did you miss the most recent Seniors Benefits Information Sessions? Information packages are available from Community Services, call or email in your request.

Stay informed about the financial assistance available to seniors in our province, through programs such as Dental and Optical Assistance, Special Needs Assistance and Alberta Aids to Daily Living. Learn all the details about the newly created Seniors Home Adaptation and Repair Program, the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program, as well as information about protecting yourself from financial, physical and mental abuse.


Supports for Aging in Place 

As we age it can eventually become difficult for some to remain independently in their own homes.  Here is an overview of some services available to help residents stay in their homes as long as safely possible and options to consider when planning for a time when that may not be possible. 

Healthy Meal Options 

Support and Housing Options for Bighorn Seniors  This is the full research article – a brief summary was published in the March 2017 MD Bighorn Newsletter. 

Continuting Care 101 – video


Low-interest home equity loans may help seniors to age in community

Seniors Home Adaptation and Repair Program

Application forms are now available for senior homeowners looking to repair or modify their homes under the Seniors Home Adaptation and Repair Program.  The program provides a low-interest, home-equity loan to eligible senior homeowners to finance needed repairs or adaptations that will help them remain independent in their own homes. Seniors could use the loan to widen a hallway for better accessibility or to install a walk-in tub or for a wide variety of adaptations or repairs.

Under the program, a maximum loan of $40,000 will be available to seniors with an annual household income under $75,000. Seniors must also have a minimum 25 per cent equity in their homes. Low-income seniors who do not qualify under the loan program may still be eligible for a grant to help pay for essential home repairs.

More information:

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program

The Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program allows eligible senior homeowners to defer all or part of their property taxes through a low-interest home equity loan with the Alberta government.


MD Transportation Assistance Programs

There is a small budget to assist MD Residents who are over the age of 65 or who have disabilities and have little or very limited access to transportation. Eligibility is income and residency based and assistance can be made by either refunding some per kilometre costs or by issuing Taxi Passes. Application form.

Driving Angels

Driving Angels are community heroes who offer peace of mind to seniors by helping them get to medical appointments, shop for groceries or attend social functions. Volunteer drivers make an incredible difference to the freedom and mobility of aging Albertans, many of whom are housebound, especially during the winter months. Whether you are retired or just have a few hours to give to a senior in your community, being a volunteer driver is a rewarding experience.

We need more volunteer drivers to be able to assist more residents in each area of the MD. We currently have 2 drivers from Exshaw but none in any of the other residential areas. Please contact Community Services to find out more about how you can also become one of our Driving Angels!

Caregivers Alberta

Assist a family member or friend with challenges resulting from illness, disability or aging? We’re here for you. As an organization of caregivers for caregivers, we understand how hard providing care can be. Whether you’re looking for someone talk to, trying to find resources or want to better manage the stress of providing care, we can help.

Elder Abuse Prevention 

Watch the elder abuse video: Learn the signs and break the silence


Upcoming Seniors Events

Heart Mountain Go-Getters

HMGG Activities March – May 2017

Annual Membership due April 1 – $10

President: Ruthie Oltmann
Vice President/Secretary: Fran DeBeer
Treasurer: Cliff Hansen

Listed on the Community Events Calendar

Seniors on the Bow

Cochrane Area – Are you 50 years of age or older?
Dont miss the many activities, events, movie matinees and programs available at Seniors On The Bow.
For more information, visit:

Cochrane area Seniors Organizations


Seniors Falls Facts
  • 1 out of 3 over the age of 65 and 1 out of 2 over the age of 80 will fall at least once a year
  • If you fall once, you are twice as likely to fall again
  • Women are 3X more likely than men to be hospitalized for a fall but men are more likely than women to experience fatal falls.

Falls are not a normal part of aging

After a fall you may lose confidence, be afraid you might fall again or stop going out and doing things you enjoy.

Take action to prevent falls and Keep your Independence
– Check your medications
– Keep active
– Watch your step
– Speak up about dizziness

More Fall Prevention information:
In your Home
Check your Shoes
How to get up from the floor by yourself after a fall

WARNING: The greatest health risk for older adults is living an inactive life.
(World Health Organization, 2000)