Recently in corresponding with our neighboring municipalities, we have learned that some have annual set dates for when road bans come into effect and when they come off. By having these set dates it allows contractors and residents alike to plan hauling events better, knowing the time frame in which bans are typically in place.

18056277948_6ece3a402c_oThe MD of Bighorns Road Division has investigated the past 10 year dates when road bans have typically been put in place, and in doing so are comfortable with implementing the dates of March 15 June 15 annually to be the time span one could expect bans to be in effect. Now in saying this, environmental conditions will still be the key factor in deciding just when bans come on and off and could affect shifting these dates 7 to 10 days either way. Therefore it is always suggested for contractors and residents to check our municipal website or contact Roadata Services 1 888-830-7623 for the most up to date information regarding road bans.

Annual Road Ban Set
As of March 15, 2015 Road ban set effective dates will be March 15 – June 15 annually unless seasonal conditions dictate otherwise.

Please Note: should these dates fall on a weekend or statuary holiday the date will then be the first working day following.

Current Road Bans: Effective 8:00 a.m. Monday March 20, 2017

LocationPlan NumberAxel Percentage
Jamieson Road73116960% Weights
Jamieson Road1970 B.M60% Weights
Courville Road001025575% Weights
Richards Road6068 JK60% Weights
Limestone Valley Road1412321Legal Axel Weights
Rivers Bend Close1510262Legal Axel Weights
Rivers Bend Way1510262Legal Axel Weights
Rivers Bend Drive1510262Legal Axel Weights