Bylaws are written to protect the environment, private and public property, ensure high standards of public health and safety, and maintain an orderly appearance for the MD. Policies are a guideline for employees to follow in making decisions best for the MD of Bighorn. They are a framework for the delegation of decision making, reduces uncertainties and misunderstandings and enables goals and objectives to be met. All Council policies have been adopted by resolutions of Council which can also be found in Council minutes.

Below are some of the most commonly requested bylaws and policies of the MD of Bighorn:


Bylaw 68/94- Off-Highway Vehicles
Bylaw 03/07- Voter Identification

Bylaw 15/05- Water Conservation Fixtures

Bylaw 08/05-Solid Waste

Bylaw 06/05- Domestic Animal Control

Bylaw 07/09- Noise Bylaw

Bylaw 07/10- Fire Service

Bylaw 03/08- Traffic Control
Schedule A-Rates of Speed
Schedule B-No Parking Locations
Schedule C-Specified Penalties

Bylaw 14/02- False Alarms

Bylaw 09/05- Hamlet Reserve Protection

Bylaw 06/16- 2016 Tax Rate

Bylaw 07/16- 2016 Supplementary Tax Rate

Bylaw 17/15- Fireworks Prohibition

Bylaw 09-16- Assessment Sub-Classes



Policy G-16- Bylaw Enforcement Activity
Policy A-12- Vegetation Control
Policy T-16- Road Development

Policy T-19- Winter Road Maintenance

Policy T-21- Road Use Agreements

Policy CS-4- Open Spaces

Policy CS-7- Community Insurance Grants

Policy CS-8- MD Grant Policy