The MD’s Operations department consists of six full-time employees, who perform a range of duties pertaining to public works and agricultural issues in the M.D. Within the M.D., there are several services that fall under the Operations’ umbrella: agricultural fieldman, M.D. buildings, equipment and fleet maintenance, roads, sanitary sewer facilities, waste management, and worker/workplace safety.

The Director of Operations is in charge of the department: and it is this position’s role to ensure all Operations’ department activities, obligations and functions are done in a safe and efficient manner. The Director of Operations answers to the C.A.O.

Bill Luka
Director of Operations
403-673-3611 Ext. 231

The Roads Foreman is charged with overseeing maintenance of the M.D.’s road system. The Foreman directs contracted roads maintenance and snow removal personnel; maintains all road signage, throughout the M.D.; and ensures the gravel pits are functioning properly. This position answers to the Director of Operations.

Mark Facette
Roads Foreman
403-673-3611 Ext. 232

The Utilities Foreman/Safety Coordinator oversees the M.D.’s sewer operations, solid waste removal programs, building/equipment/fleet maintenance, and worker/workplace safety. Two positions (Leadhand and Labourer) assist the Utilities Foreman/Safety Coordinator in carrying out these functions.

Al Hogarth
Utility Foreman
403-673-3611 Ext. 242