Notification of Land Use Bylaw Update, 2016

Please be advised that MD of Bighorn Council directed that the MDs Land Use Bylaw be updated.  Project updates, including consultation session dates, will be posted on the MD website and social media platforms, and advertised in the local papers.  We look forward to working with the community on this project!








Land Use Bylaw – 1st Round Consultation Dates, 2017

As part of this project, we have several consultation sessions planned with MD residents and businesses.  The first round of public consultation sessions for the MD of Bighorns Land Use Bylaw Update (Issue Identification) is in March 2017.  Please review the notice below to determine which consultation to attend.  







Open House Boards 1st Consultation, 2017

Open House presentation boards for the Issue Identification sessions can be found here: Open House Boards -PDF
We want to hear from you!  If you are unable to attend any of the consultations, please submit your feedback through the online survey here: Issue Identification Survey 
This Survey for the Issue Identification phase of the LUB Update will close on April 10, 2017. 
MD residents who complete the survey will be entered into a draw to win prizes! 

If you need a hard-copy of the survey to be sent to you, please contact Katy Stewart with your request.
403-673-3611 Ext. 249





For more information about the Land Use Bylaw update, please contact:
Darlene Paranaque, MSc, RPP, MCIP
Project Manager (Development Planner)
403-673-3611 ext 226

To join the electronic mailing list, please email


The Land Use Bylaw is the principal planning document that is used in the day-to-day control of development activities within the MD of Bighorn. Policies in the Land Use Bylaw are consistent with the general planning policies within the Municipal Development Plan as well as policies within applicable Area Structure/Redevelopment Plans for an area.

The purpose of the Land Use Bylaw is to regulate the use and development of land and buildings within the municipality to achieve an orderly and efficient pattern of development. The Land Use Bylaw functions by dividing land within the municipality into districts and specifies development regulations within each of these districts or zones. It also delineates the procedures for processing and making decisions on development permit applications, and mechanisms for enforcing land use regulations.

Application may be made to Council for an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw.

On October 12, 2010 Council adopted the Land Use Bylaw 04/10.

Land Use Bylaw 04/10 (September 2013 Office Consolidation)

Bylaw 15-Z/13 Redesignate Annexed Land From Rocky View County. Amended Land Use Map. Amended Overlay District Logging on Private Land
Bylaw 02-Z/14 To Add Health and Wellness to the list of Discretionary Uses in the DMF-HWY District
Bylaw 03-Z/14 To Create an Overlay District for the R-SH in Dead Man’s Flats
Bylaw 09-Z/15 To correct minor clerical and technical errors to Bylaw 03-Z/14
Bylaw 14-Z/15 To redesignate Ptn NE & NW 27-26-6-W5M from AC to DC-4 and to create Direct Control District 4
Bylaw 20-Z/15 Amend and replace Map 5 Lac des Arcs Land Use Map
Bylaw 04/16 To amend minor corrections

Table of Contents
Part 1

Section 1 – Enactment
Section 2 – Interpretations and Definitions

Part 2

Section 3 – General Regulations
Section 4 – Regulations for Specific Uses
Section 5 – Development Setbacks

Part 3

Sections 6 to 34 – Land Use Districts

Part 4

Section 35 – Establishment of the Approval Authorities
Section 36 – Duties and Responsibilities of the Approval Authorities
Section 37 – Development Permits
Section 38 – Subdivision of Land
Section 39 – Conditions of Approval
Section 40 – Enforcement and Appeals
Section 41 – Amending the Bylaw

Schedule A

Land Use Maps
MD of Bighorn
Map 1 – Hamlet of Benchlands
Map 2 – Hamlet of Dead Man’s Flats
Map 3 – Hamlet of Exshaw
Map 4 – Hamlet of Harvie Heights
Map 5 – Hamlet of Lac des Arcs

Schedule B

Specified Penalties

Schedule C

Overlay Districts

  1. Commercial Logging on Private Lands Map

Land Use Bylaw Update Review