The MD is governed by Council which is comprised of 5 Councillors who are elected every 4 years in municipal elections that occur province wide. The MD has 4 wards described below and after each municipal election Council appoints a Reeve and Deputy Reeve from the Council Members.

Council has regular monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month which are open for anyone to attend and receive scheduled delegations at 10:00 and 10:30 am on those days.

Councillors are members of many area and provincial committees and boards to help represent the MD and to bring information back to Council for deliberation, questions and decisions. Council also appoints community volunteers each October to Municipal Boards, Committees and Commissions these positions are advertized in the Bighorn News, September edition each year. Read more about boards and committees.



Ward 1 is comprised of the hamlet of Exshaw, Kananaskis and Seebe settlements. The lands in Townships 25-26 Range 9 to the North of Exshaw. This Ward elects 2 Councillors

Ward 2 is comprised of the hamlets of Dead Man’s Flats, Lac des Arcs and Harvie Heights. It also includes the lands around the Trans-Canada highway between Dead Man’s Flats and Lac des Arcs, Rafter Six Ranch and MD lands in Range 10.

Ward 3 is comprised of the West Jumpingpound region South of the Trans-Canada highway and West of highway 68. It also includes the lands in between the Bow and Ghost Rivers (excluding Richards Road which is in Ward 4).

Ward 4 is comprised of the hamlet of Benchlands and all MD land North of the Ghost River found in Townships 27-31 and also includes a small portion of lands in Township 26 Range 7.


Map of MD Ward Boundaries