There are three fire districts in the MD of Bighorn each with its own fire hall: Benchlands (also referred to as the “Ghost” fire district), Exshaw, and Jamieson Road. Each district is completely manned by volunteers. Emergency Services provided by the MD consist of safety codes inspections on commercial operations, fire prevention/suppression equipment and forces.


MD residents are only permitted to burn clean wood. No yard waste, construction/demolition waste, garbage or scrap. This includes tires, shingles or anything treated.

Fire Season – March 1 to October 31, all burning within the MD of Bighorn requires a permit. To locate the office nearest you visit Firepermits-Alberta. Or contact the Bow Ranger Station in Calgary at 403-297-8800 to make arrangements.

November 1 to April 30, residents within the hamlets (and Kananaskis settlement) require a burning permit which they can get at the MD office at #2 Heart Mountain Drive. Burning permits are not required in the rural area, during this time.

Fines and costs have been levied in the past, for those caught burning without a permit or burning in contravention of conditions outlined on the permit.


What can hamlet residents do with their accumulated yard waste rather than burn it? The MD of Bighorn offers two annual clean-ups (Spring & Fall) in all four of our hamlets.

The above conditions for permits do not apply to warming/cooking fires in fireplaces, fire pits and acceptable appliances. This type of burning is allowed year-round (except during a fire ban) without a permit.

Please avoid the burning of green wood or any other natural material that may cause excessive smoke and create a nuisance for neighbors.