Administration Services

How do I apply for a job?

Employment opportunities are posted on the MD website as they become available. New postings can be found on  Services-Administration- Employment-Opportunities

Resumes maybe emailed, mailed, faxed or dropped off in person. MD of Bighorn Box 310 Exshaw Alberta T0L 2C0 #2 Heart Mountain Drive Fax 403-673-3895 Email


Do I need a burn permit?

During the provincial Fire Season, March 1- October 31, 2015, all burning within the MD of Bighorn requires a permit. Please contact Sustainable Resource and Development in Calgary at 403-297-8800 to make arrangements
Outside of the province’s Fire Season, residents within the hamlets (and Kananaskis settlement) require a burning permit which they can get at the MD office at #2 Heart Mountain Drive. Burning permits are not required in the rural areas, during this time.

MD residents are only permitted to burn clean wood. No yard waste, construction/demolition waste, garbage or scrap, including anything treated, tires, shingles, etc.

For currant Fire ban Information Please visit
Alberta Fire Bans
Wild Fire Alberta

How do I apply for a dog licence?

Dog Licence Registration Forms can be found here on the MD website or obtained at the office. Licences are required for dogs 6 months of age and older. Licences are required in the MD hamlets where animal control services are provided- Exshaw, Dead Man’s Flats, Lac des Arcs and Harvie Heights. Registration forms can be Dropped off in person, Mailed with Payment, or Faxed/ Emailed with Credit Card information (Tags and payment receipt will be mailed to dog owner) MD of Bighorn Box 310 Exshaw Alberta T0L 2C0 #2 Heart Mountain Drive Fax 403-673-3895 Email

How do I go about changing my address?

It is important to the MD that if your address changes that you notify us. You can find a Change of Address Authorization Form here on the website, which can be dropped off, mailed, faxed or emailed: MD of Bighorn Box 310 Exshaw Alberta T0L 2C0 #2 Heart Mountain Drive Fax 403-673-3895 Email Please visit 5.4Forms

When are my taxes due?

MD of Bighorn taxes are due on the last business day of June. There are a few options for paying taxes; One-Time payments or setting up on the TIPPS Program (Tax Installment Payment Plan) Credit Cards are not accepted for Tax Payments. For more information visit our Taxes page

How can I be a delegation or make a presentation during Council?

MD council is always willing to hear from residents or ratepayers on concerns and issues. To have your delegation added to the regular Council Agenda, your request must be submitted in writing (or by e-mail) to the MD’s Executive Assistant no later than seven (7) business days prior to the scheduled meeting. Included with the request; a copy of your presentation or a full description of the issue/topic you wish to discuss. The Executive Assistant will confirm your request with the time and date for your appointment with Council.

Who do I call regarding deceased animals on highways?

To report a deceased animal located on a primary or secondary highway please contact Volker Stevin at 888-VSROADS (888-877-6237)

How do I sign up for Emergency Notification (Synrevoice)?

Synrevoice is an emergency notification system that the MD of Bighorn has implemented so that every resident can subscribe too and be notified in cases of an emergency. Any resident who subscribes to this service will receive the emergency message by preference (Home Phone, SMS Text, Cell Phone & email).

Read more at Emergency Services


Agriculture & Environment

How do I report a weed or pest?

Contact the Environmental Fieldman or Assistant Environmental Fieldman at 403-673-3611.  You can make a report even if you are unsure if it is a regulated species.

How can I get rid of pocket gophers?

The MD of Bighorn has pocket gopher traps for sale at the main administration office in Exshaw for $11+GST.

What type of tree should I plant in my yard?

Native trees and shrubs that do not produce fruit are considered preferable in the MD of Bighorn. For examples of species that are acceptable contact the Agricultural Services department or view the list on our Landscaping & Trees webpage.

How do I rent a skunk trap?

The Agricultural Services staff can arrange for the pick up or drop off of a skunk trap for personal use free of charge. The completion of a rental agreement is required and can be picked up at the MD of Bighorn main administration office in Exshaw.

How can I get help identifying plant species on my property?

The Environmental Fieldman or Assistant Environmental Fieldman are available to come out to your property to assist with plant identification. Contact the main office at 403-673-3611 to schedule a visit.

Who do I call regarding livestock on a highway or road?

If you see livestock at large on any public roadway contact your local RCMP detachment and they will decide on further action if necessary.
Cochrane RCMP 403-932-2211
Canmore RCMP 403-678-5516
Sundre RCMP 403-638-3655

Who do I call regarding a neighbour’s livestock on my property?

You can contact Livestock Identification Services (LIS) at 1-866-509-2088 or visit and they will be able to provide assistance.


Building & Development

How do I apply for a business license?

The MD does not issue business licenses. Businesses are regulated through development permits.  Please contact the a Development Officer to determine if a development permit is required.

Jan Thompson
Development Officer
403-673-3611 Ext. 224

Darlene Paranaque, R.P.P., M.C.I.P. Planner
Development Officer/ Planner
403-673-3611 Ext. 226

Do I need a development permit?

A development permit is required for most types of new construction, redevelopment projects, additions, signs, accessory buildings, home occupations and changes in use of land or a building. The purpose of a development permit is to ensure that all proposals comply with the Land Use Bylaw, and the general development principles within other applicable municipal planning documents. Development Permit Application

What is the development permit application process?

A completed Development Permit Application, including fee, will be processed by either a Development Officer or the Municipal Planning Commission, depending on the type of application. If the application is approved by the authority, a notice is placed in the local newspaper and the 14-day appeal period begins. A development permit will be issued, with or without conditions, to the applicant once the appeal period has passed and no appeals are made. If applicable to the type of project, the applicant may also be required to apply for and obtain a Building Permit.

Do I need a building permit?

Building permits are required to ensure that all buildings are safely designed and constructed in accordance with the Alberta Building Code. It is necessary to obtain a building permit for all new construction, redevelopment projects, removal or demolition of buildings, changes in use, some renovations and additions. Building Permit Application

What is the building permit application process?

The MD of Bighorn operates on a two permit system. Prior to application for a building permit, a development permit may be required. Please contact the planning and development department staff to determine all the necessary permits for your project.

A completed building permit application is reviewed by the Safety Codes Officer for the building discipline. Please note your application must include, among other things, a waste management plan and a security deposit as per the MD’s fee schedule bylaw. When the application meets the requirements of the Alberta Building Code, a building permit is issued. The building permit fee is due at this time. The applicant is responsible to ensure that all the required site inspections are completed during construction. A building cannot be occupied prior to the issuance of an occupancy approval permit by the Building Safety Codes Officer. An Application for Occupancy Form must be submitted to request this inspection. Once the Occupancy Approval Permit has been issued, your security deposit is returned.

The MD of Bighorn’s Safety Codes Officer is currently available for questions and for booking site reviews on Wednesdays and Thursdays (days are subject to change). Please provide at least one week notice to the planning and development department if you require a site review. Building Permit Application

I have a Real Property Report (RPR), how do I obtain a letter of compliance?

Submit your request for a compliance letter along with the fee, to the MD office.
The response to a request for a compliance assessment shall be in written form and a compliance ‘stamp’ shall not be used.


Community Services

How do I access social, physical, or mental health support outside MD office hours?

Dial 211 for access to Community and Social Supports information – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dial 811 for Health Link -Free nurse advice and general health information for Albertans – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For out-of-province or internet phone users, call 1-866-408-5465.

Go to Community Services – Wellness Supports

Download Community Services and Important Contact Information – 24 hour numbers are in red.

How do I know what community supports are available in the Bow Valley and in Cochrane?

Go to Community Services – Community Supports

Dial 211 for access to Community and Social Supports information – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to access transportation assistance?

There is a small budget to assist MD Residents who are over the age of 65 or who have disabilities and have little or very limited access to transportation. Eligibility is income and residency based.

MD Transportation Assistance Program and program application.

How to apply for a grant for a community project or event?

The MD of Bighorn provides grants, to eligible recipients, for various purposes:

  • To recognized Community Associations/groups needing funds for recreation, culture, FCSS and facility-related projects.
  • To organizations sponsoring special activities of benefit to MD residents as a whole.
  • For other initiatives/causes/purposes of a broader scope, that will benefit the MD.

More information on MD and external Grant Programs

What programs/workshops are running in my area?

The MD organizes fitness and special interest classes/workshops in conjunction with residents, instructors and community groups September through June.

These and other area class listings are in Learning Opportunities and once MD classes are running they are listed in Events – Community Events category. 

How do I purchase a memorial bench?

The Memorial Bench Program offers an opportunity to honor deceased loved ones with a cedar or log bench with a commemorative plaque installed on municipal property.