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Child Development

United Nations – Rights of the Child

Raising a Resilient Child

Bow Valley Parent Link  webpage has Events Calendar and Information – their programs also run over the summer!  Read about Bow Valley Parent Link Programs in this brochure and follow then on Facebook for the latest activities: Bow-Valley-Parent-Link.  They also offer Relationship Counselling to parents of children from birth to 18 years old. Counselling is confidential and solution-focused with no charge. For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Anthea Messier 403-678-7132

Parent Link in Exshaw Mondays 1-3 pm and Thursdays 9:30-11:45 am, September through June and Thursdays 9:30-11:45 am through the summer at the school portable just west of the Exshaw School.  Summer Parent Link outdoor schedules will be posted on the Early Childhood Calendar on the Parent Link site in June.

Cochrane-RockyView Parent Link has a monthly Calendar and lots of useful information

Country Connections Parent Link meets at the Beaupre Community Hall 2 Wednesday mornings per month, September through May. Dates are on the Rocky View Parent Link Calendar

Bow Valley Early Childhood Coalition

Sharing the Brain Building Story! Bridging the gap between what we know and what we do….

Like and follow their Facebook page Bow-Valley-Early-Child-Development-Coalition for lots of great ideas and information on how children’s brain develop and how you can help your children develop optimally.  

Check out the Success in Kindergarten Activity Calendar and the Bow Valley Young Children’s Monthly Calendar which is also listed on the Bow Valley Parent Link page



2016 ParticipACTIONCanadian kids are inactive and they may be losing sleep over it.

If you think kids can get a little physical activity and then play video games into the wee hours, yet remain healthy, you’re in for a rude awakening. Emerging research, which spurred Canada to develop the worlds first 24-Hour Movement Guidelines, shows that physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep are closely interrelated.  The 2016 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity has just been released with some very interesting information :

  • For kids, sleep is an essential component of healthy cognitive and physical development.
  • New guidelines say, kids + youth need to Sweat, Step, Sleep and Sit in prescribed amounts
  • Its a vicious cycle when kids dont sleep enough. Theyre too tired for activity during the day, but not tired enough at night.
  • Good sleep is created when kids get off the couch, away from screens with regular heart-pumping activity
  • Only 9% of 5-17 year olds get the recommended 60 min. of heart-pumping activity they need each day.
  • Did you know, 31% of school-aged kids + 26% of adolescents are sleep-deprived?
  • Sweat, step, sit and sleep. Children with higher physical activity levels get better sleep
  • D minus! Canada’s kids receive a D- for overall #physicalactivity levels. Find out why: #ReportCard

Follow the Guidelines, Reap the Rewards


Area Childcare Options

Cochrane Childcare Options

Boys & Girls Club of Cochrane

Cremona FCSS  Runs school year and summer programs for children.

Canmore Area – Daycares, Dayhomes and After School Programs linksDaycareIQ 

Town of Canmore Big Fun – Day Camps page 10 of the Community Guide  these run during school breaks, Professional Development (PD) Fridays and Full PD days for kids 6-12 years old.  Funding Assistance

artsPlace  in Canmore – for more information or to register or call 403.609.2623  Subsidy Application


Summer Child Care

In case you are looking for day camps for the younger set for this summer here are some local options for you to consider.  Plan to REGISTER EARLY in the year!  Subsidy programs are available for many programs call or email for more information.

Cochrane Boys and Girls Club–2/summer-camps

Town of Cochrane Summer camps

Town of Canmore Big Fun Camps page 11 of the Community Guide


YMCA Camp Chief Hector


Teen & Youth Supports

NeedHelpNow  If you (or a friend, peer or sibling) have been involved in a self/peer exploitation incident (otherwise known as sexting), we are here to help. This site provides you with guidance on steps you can take to get through this.

YWCA project shift – creating a safer digital world for young women   A Guide for Trusted Adults

ConnecTeens  403-264-8336

Help Create a Bully-Free Alberta – Bullying Help Line  1-888-456-2323 or secure online chat


Sexual Health

Calgary Sexual Health Centre

Managing Menopause & Peri-menopause –   and

Cochrane Teen Health Clinic Wednesdays 2:30 to 4:30


Healthy Eating

Healthy U Jr. Chef  The Government of Alberta recently released this smartphone app (only available via iOS app). Healthy U Jr. Chef allows parents to browse, plan and cook healthy meals for their family, plus include the kids through fun, interactive games with our cast of critters.

Nutrition Eat healthy  Alberta Health healthy eating resources

Healthy U Website Builds on the work of many health, nutrition and active living organizations in the province and raises awareness about healthy eating and activity

Cochrane Area – Access to Food Supports 

More Online Supports

Positive Behavior Supports for Children  This is a series of related websites developed for use by families, aides and school staff supporting children with disabilities! These interactive websites provide evidence-based strategies for promoting adaptive behavior, while managing challenging behaviors.

Healthy Parents Healthy Children

The Benefits of Public Health  A quick little video showing the return on investment (ROI) from $1 invested in public health activities. $1 invested in early childhood development saves $9 in later health costs: an ROI of 800%.

Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative  For some time now it has been apparent that behavioural management techniques that rely heavily on punishment and reward are relatively ineffective in reducing children’s problematic behaviours, and in many cases can actually exacerbate the problem. Over the past decade it has also become increasingly clear that the cause of many of these behaviours lies in poor self-regulation.

The Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative has been established first and foremost to help parents and educators re-frame a child’s behaviour: to understand the reasons why a child might be having trouble paying attention, ignoring distractions, inhibiting their impulses, modulating their emotions, and overall, maintaining a state of being calmly focused and alert. In far too many cases the problem lies in the excessive levels of stress that the child is struggling with.

Recent research tells us that one of the keys to student success is self-regulation the ability to monitor and modify emotions, to focus or shift attention, to control impulses, to tolerate frustration or delay gratification.

More information on if a child’s ability to self-regulate can be improved.