Population: 412 (2016 Federal Census)


Historical Information:

Exshaw originated in the early 1900s as a company settlement for workers in the mineral extraction and processing industry. Until the late 1960s, the community’s recreation facilities included a bowling alley, movie theatre and skating rink. In order to accommodate the expansion of the adjacent cement plant, most of these facilities were torn down. Since that time, the development of community facilities has been volunteer driven. The Exshaw Community Association (ECA) manages the majority of the current community facilities.


Community Resources:

Community Hall

The ECA owns and operates a three level hall that is physically attached to the Exshaw Legion. The Hall accommodates the following activities: community events, fitness and general interest classes, private rentals , seniors centre, community fitness centre and media/teleconference meeting room.

Bighorn Library

In 1994, the library moved from the Catholic Church to a building on Mount Allen Drive owned by the former Exshaw School Board and then in 2000 to the lower level of the MD’s administration office. Since moving to this new facility, the library has extended its hours of operation and membership has increased substantially. Bighorn Library Services are part of the Marigold Library System. The MD supports the Marigold Library System.

Mountain Bike Skills Park

Beginner and intermediate bike skill pump tracks were constructed in May 2013 with a connecting downhill skills track and a pedestrian trail on the west berm behind the MD public works yard. This facility was badly damaged by the 2013 flood and is slated for relocation and reconstruction in 2017.


There are playgrounds situated in four areas:

  • Margaret Jeffries Park (Centre/Tire Park)
    A playground located in the centre of the community with an outdoor skating rink in winter, basketball in the summer. Updated in 2013 and 2015
  • Windridge
    Built in the fall of 1995, this playground was updated in two stages in 2011 and 2015.
  • Exshaw School
    A large playground with a multifaceted play structure, including swings, climbers, etc.
  • Exshaw Recreation Grounds
    A wooden structure with slide and separate swings.

Recreation Grounds

The ECA operates a recreation area in the southeast portion of the hamlet. These facilities are available for private rentals and include the playground listed above and:
Baseball diamond
Horseshoe pits
Volleyball court


Exshaw School is a Kindergarten to grade eight school, students continue on to Canmore Collegiate for their High School education. In 2016, 201 students are attending coming from Exshaw and the nearby Stoney Nakoda First Nations. These facilities include the playground noted above and:
Portable Classroom (also used by Parent Link) 
Gymnasium and stage
Classrooms and library
Baseball Diamond
Multipurpose tennis/basketball courts
Sports field


The South Exshaw Trail was developed in 2012. This trail is a non-motorized use 3km walking, running and biking trail that is maintained by the MD. The trail was badly damaged in 2013 flood and was relocated and redeveloped in 2015-16 through the flood recovery process. Located within the hamlet are a number of informal trails as well. These trails are not marked or maintained. Exshaw ARP Trails

Community Organizations

The following community organizations are in Exshaw:
Exshaw Community Association email: eca@exshaw.ca
Exshaw Heritage Society – email: grischkat@shaw.ca
Exshaw Library Society – email: wendybush@shaw.ca
Heart Mountain Go-getters – email: ruthie@ruthieoltmann.ca
Royal Canadian Legion email: exshaw179@shaw.ca