There are three fire districts in the MD of Bighorn each with its own fire hall and manned completely by volunteers

  • Exshaw
  • Benchlands (also referred to as the “Ghost” fire district)
  • Jamieson Road

18239939852_1a5e5fbcd9_oEmergency Services provided by the MD consist of safety codes inspections on commercial operations, fire prevention/suppression equipment and forces.

Ambulance services are provided by Alberta Health Services: ambulances are stationed in the towns of Canmore, Cochrane, and the Mountain View Regional Emergency Services Commission near Didsbury, for response into the MD.

Policing is provided by the RCMP through rural detachments in other centres. Remember: If it is an emergency, immediately call 911. To report a crime contact your local RCMP Detachment or the police force of your jurisdiction in your area.

Canmore Phone: 403-678-5516, 101 Elk Run Blvd., Canmore, AB
Cochrane Phone: 403-932-2211, 359 1st Street E, Cochrane, AB
Sundre Phone: 403-638-3675, 215-6 Ave NE, Sundre, AB

Alberta Fire Bans

Alberta Emergency Alert for all provincial alerts

Municipal Fire Permits and Ban Information


Municipal Emergency Plan17623109153_7e6cb270dd_o

At the Regular Council Meeting in January 2015, MD Council adopted a New Municipal Emergency Plan.

Alberta municipalities are required to prepare a Municipal Emergency Plan (MEP), to be used in disaster situations, such as flooding, forest fires, explosions, etc. A condensed version of the MDs Municipal Emergency Plan is available on this website. If you have questions about the MEP, please contact the MD and ask to speak to the Director of Emergency Management (formerly called the Director of Disaster Services).

Please Note: Due to confidentiality reasons many personal references – names, addresses, phone numbers – have been removed from this website version.

Municipal Emergency Plan
Part 1 Table of Contents- Emergency Management
Part 2 Emergency Operations Procedures
Part 3 Emergency Response Plans

Synrevoice Emergency Notification Sign-Up

Synrevoice is an emergency notification system that the MD of Bighorn has implemented so that every resident can subscribe too and be notified in cases of an emergency. Any resident who subscribes to this service will receive the emergency message by preference (Home Phone, SMS Text, Cell Phone & Email). Synrevoice will ONLY be used for emergency purposes and NOT for general announcements. The MD of Bighorn agrees that they will NOT release the information you provide for Synrevoice to anyone for any reason.

Synrevoice Sign up Form

Personal Emergency Preparedness

AHS Emergency Preparedness resources

Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) Emergency Preparedness information

Red Cross Emergency Preparedness information and supports