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Water Valley Community Hall Thursday March 16 Open House Land Use Bylaw Review

Land Use Bylaw Update – Round 1 Consultations and Issue Identification 

4:00-6:00 pm Open House (drop in) 

6:00-8:00 pm presentation and workshop 


Open House presentation boards for the Issue Identification sessions can be found here: Open House Boards -PDF

We want to hear from you!  If you are unable to attend any of the consultations, please submit your feedback through the online survey here: Issue Identification Survey 

MD residents who complete the survey will be entered into a draw to win prizes!

For more information about the Land Use Bylaw update, please contact:

Darlene Paranaque, MSc, RPP, MCIP
Project Manager (Development Planner)
403-673-3611 ext 226

To join the electronic mailing list, please email

Spray Lake Sawmills 2016/17 Road Use Agreement for Richards Road – updated January 13, 2017

The M.D. has been notified that harvesting equipment will be moving on Richards Road and Richards Road  West mid next week. 

Hauling will commence starting as early as January 23rd for Richards Road  West, and January 25th for Richards Road.

For inquiries please call the sawmill directly at 403-851-3390,or Bill Luka, the Director of Operations for the M.D. of Bighorn, at 403-673-3611 or 403-233-7678 Calgary direct.


November 29, 2016

The M.D. of Bighorn recently finalized the Road Use Agreement with Spray Lake Sawmills to use Richards Road for their 2016/17 log haul.

Access to the harvest area will be from Highway 1A through crown and private lands, and will not require the use of Jamieson Road.

Other than a Crossing, the amount of trucking activity on Richards Road will be limited to a total of about 110 loads, as shown on the map.

The log haul is currently anticipated to begin in mid-December or later, with preparatory work for sign installations now commencing.

For inquiries please contact Bill Luka, Director of Operations for the M.D. of Bighorn, at 403-673-3611 or 403-233-7678 Calgary direct


Update: Please be advised that the MD has gotten back 1 of our Recycling trucks back. Cardboard recycling pick up has resumed today. Thank you for your patience.

The MDs recycling trucks used for the collection of cardboard and paper are both out of service. It would be very much appreciated if residents could store their cardboard/paper recycling at home while the trucks are being repaired. We are hopeful that the MDs vehicles will be back on the road next week and bins will be emptied. Please do not leave cardboard/paper outside of the bins. Thank you for your patience and we sorry for the inconvenience.

Restricted hiking access to Jura Creek, weekend of December 3rd & 4th

Hikers and other recreationalists should note that access to Jura Creek trails immediately north of Highway 1A may be restricted this coming weekend, December 3rd and 4th, as construction crews try to get ahead of the pending winter weather. Devcon, the company engaged to complete the debris-flood risk reduction work on the creek, has made great progress, and wants to complete as much as possible before colder temperatures and snow arrive. Your cooperation in respecting any access restrictions, for your own safety, is greatly appreciated.

Repairs Richards Road

The M.D. recently made repairs to a section of Richards Road to address erosion problems and to rework the shoulder. The M.D. is currently cleaning-up the area. The clean-up should be completed this week, weather permitting. Please be cognizant of work crews and follow all construction work zone signage.