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Pigeon Creek Short Term Flood Mitigation Schedule Update

Short term flood mitigation construction to commence on February 6th, 2017.  For more information please contact Dale Mather at (403) 391-1319 or email

Christmas Tree Recycling

Please bring your natural Christmas trees, free of any decorations to the following locations. Trees with leftover decorations will be rejected from recycling. Animals are harmed by bits of broken decorations, plastic and metal.  

MD of Bighorn Christmas tree recycling locations:

  • Harvie Heights existing brush bin on Cascade Dr
  • Dead Mans Flats (temporary bin) beside garbage and recycling bins at the corner of 1st St and 2nd Ave
  • Lac Des Arcs existing brush bin beside garbage and recycling bins
  • Exshaw existing brush bin east of sewage lagoon on Diamond Drive
  • Ghost Fire Hall (temporary bin) in parking lot
  • Francis Cooke Landfill during regular operating hours

Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan Survey – Open for Public Comment

About this Survey:

A recovery plan is developed after a species is provincially listed as Endangered or Threatened in the regulations under the Alberta Wildlife Act. A recovery plan includes a
goal, specific objectives, strategies, and actions with associated timelines required for recovery of the particular threatened or endangered species.

Once a draft plan has been developed using input from stakeholders and species experts, Albertans are given an opportunity to provide their comments.

Alberta Environment and Parks isinterested in your input on the 2016 – 2021 Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan and request that you complete the following questionnaire. This survey will be open for comments until July 15, 2016

The Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan

The first Alberta grizzly bear recovery plan was approved in 2008 and a wide array of implementation activities followed. Detailed information on grizzly bear conservation and management activities can be found on Environment and Park’s website at the following link:

Recovery plans are revised periodically, usually every five years. The proposed recovery plan was developed using input from Government of Alberta staff, stakeholders, and members of Alberta’s Aboriginal communities.


Tickets for Living in the Natural Environment are available for purchase

Living in the Natural Environment

Living in the Natural Environment is an annual forum, trade show and dinner that brings together 100-150 members of the rural and small urban community, government, and non-agricultural rural residents to gather together and initiate discussion. Topics are intended to be thought provoking, interesting and relevant to the surrounding landscape and the people that live there.

2016 Event

February 5, 2016 Doors Open at 4pm
Cochrane RancheHouse, Cochrane Alberta

The Importance of Connected Landscapes in Albertas Eastern Slopes
Dr. Michael Quinn
Associate Vice President of Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement
Mount Royal University

This presentation will discuss how the process of fragmentation can be detrimental to the flows of ecological processes such as wildlife movement, hydrologic function and nutrient cycling. Research conducted in the surrounding area will be presented to demonstrate the challenges and solutions to maintaining landscape connectivity.

Between Rock and Hard Places: Wolverines in Multi-use Landscapes of AlbertaTony-Clevenger
Dr. Tony Clevenger
Wildlife Biologist

Dr. Clevenger will describe his ongoing non-invasive (camera and DNA based) surveys occurring over the last 5 years coordinated with provincial and national parks and research institutions in Alberta, BC and the US. The research will provide science-based information on a sentinel species and will inform ongoing and future land use planning decisions in the Rockies and across the Eastern Slopes of Alberta.

Tickets are $35 each (includes GST) and are available now. Contact the MD of Bighorn at 403-673-3611 to purchase yours. Ticket includes admission to the presentations, trade show event and dinner. Cash bar will be provided.

Water Main Flushing Notice

Water Main Flushing

The M.D of Bighorn Utilities Department advises the residents of Exshaw that we will be flushing all water mains during the week of August 31, 2015 from 7:30 am to 4:00pm.

Please be advised that the flushing may cause some discoloration of the water. This does not represent a health hazard. If you experience any discoloration, run the cold water in all your faucets for 4- 5 minutes until water runs clear again. DO NOT USE HOT WATER until you have clear running water. Also, refrain from doing laundry until the water runs clear again.

Why are we Flushing?

During normal use, water moves slowly through the water distribution system. This slow movement causes sediment to accumulate in the pipes. Flushing from the fire hydrants increases the velocity of the water through the water mains, thus helping to remove any sediment from the water mains and assuring consistent water quality. Additionally, as part of the flushing process every fire hydrant in the water distribution system is operated to ensure that it will function properly in the event of a fire.

Is Flushing a waste of water?

Residents who notice the M.D Utilities crew working at fire hydrants and see water running into the street may think we are wasting water. The process of periodically (annually) flushing fire hydrants, however, is an important preventative maintenance activity. This process is part of a routine maintenance program necessary to maintain the integrity of the water system and to continue to deliver the highest quality water possible to our customers.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Utilities Department at (403) 673-3611.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Al Hogarth

Utilities Foreman