Please note that assessment notices were mailed on February 28th , 2017 and the deadline to file an appeal is May 1, 2017. If you did not receive a copy of your assessment, please contact our office and we will resend it to you.

Assessment Roll Information
Below you will find links to the property assessment roll information.

How do I find a property?
To find the assessment value of the property you are looking for, please search by legal address. Properties are listed by range, then township, then section, then quarter.

How do I read the information?

  1. The roll number, legal description, assessment class, and the total assessment for the class and property are provided.
  2. Some properties have more than one class so may have more than one line of information.
  3. The classes are in number format. Below is a list of what each of these numbers mean:

Class Number – Description
125 – Federal Government – Non-Residential
200 – Federal Government Residential
250 – Commercial
275 – Railway Spurlines
300 – Farmland
350 – Telecommunications
425 – Processing and Manufacturing Machinery
475 – Processing and Manufacturing Buildings
500 – Industrial Land
510 – Industrial Park
525 – Railway
550 – CBC – Non-Residential
575 – Electrical Distribution
580 – Electrical Generation Line
600 – Wells & Pipelines
610 – Linear Property
625 – Provincial
750 – Residential
751 – RAP Exemption
752 – RAP Exemption- Second Building
755 – Sub-Residential – Bow Corridor
756 – Sub-Residential – Sibbald
830 – Hamlet – Vacant Land
840 – Rural – Vacant Land
900 – Exempt Properties

For questions about the class numbers assigned to a property or about the assessment itself, please contact Kelly Larson at 1-844-354-8484.
Please see your assessment notice for information on how to file an appeal of your assessment. The deadline for filing an appeal is May 1, 2017.

The posted information does not include all of the information required by the Municipal Government Act of Alberta to be included on the assessment roll. The complete roll can be viewed in hardcopy format only, at the MD offices during regular business hours.

Assessment Information Request Reference

Property Assessment Information Request Form

Assessment Review Board Complaint Form

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Equitable Assessment Group:

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