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Posted on: November 29, 2019

Snow and Ice Control

220x220 snow flake

Annually the MD receives several calls from residences in regard to snow /ice removal operations, policies, and bylaws, because of this the MD would like to make all residents both rural and urban aware of the following Operational Policies and Bylaws:

Snow Maintenance Policy T-19 - Definitions - B. Snow Clearing 4. reads: “When windrowing snow along roadways, the operator shall be conscientious of driveways and approaches, and shall limit the amount of snow that is left behind. The MD shall not be responsible for clearing residual snow left across driveways and approaches.”

Our contractors are reminded often to be aware of residents driveways and approaches and try to limit the amount of snow that is left behind during plowing of municipal roads, however, there will always be some residual snow left behind that, depending on the amount of accumulation could result in next to none being left behind or a substantial amount, this is something that is simply unavoidable.

Plowing and Disposal of Snow from Private Residences

Snow removed from private properties must be contained within the property and/or hauled away. It is against the MD of Bighorn Streets and Roads Bylaw 03/08, Subsection V 48 (vii) to deposit snow onto public lands such as road right-of-way’s. Continuing to do so could result in a Fine of $115.00 AND costs involved for the removal and disposing of the snow.

Streets and Roads Bylaw 03/08

Part V

(48) No person shall:

cause or do any act which causes seed, grain or other materials used in agricultural or commercial production to be deposited on that portion of a highway normally used for vehicular traffic;

(ii) cause, or allow to be deposited or disposed of on a highway any substance or object which may be, or is hazardous to a person or vehicle;

(iii) cause or do any act which causes grass, hay or straw clippings and/or stalks to be deposited on the portion of a highway normally used for vehicular traffic;

(iv) cause or allow oil or any chemical or any liquid to be placed on a road without obtaining permission to do so from the M.D.;

(v) drain or allow to leak any engine, transmission or other chemical fluids out of a vehicle upon a Street, so that said fluids falls upon the Street;

(vi) deposit or dispose of rocks, brush, roots, twigs or branches or any other unwanted debris in a ditch or on any portion of a highway without permission to do so from the M.D.

(vii) deposit, or in any way cause to be deposited upon any highway, any snow, ice or other material.


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