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The original item was published from 6/13/2019 2:11:00 PM to 6/13/2019 2:40:12 PM.

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Posted on: March 29, 2019

[ARCHIVED] Updates on Construction on Exshaw Creek Flood Protection Project

Update June 14, 2019

Nothing new to report for week 11. The project is still on schedule.

Update June 7, 2019 

The Exshaw Creek project continues to progress on schedule and on budget. This is already week 10! 

Residents on Windridge Road have raised concerns about dust coming from the construction site.  It is not possible to complete a construction project of this size without creating some dust. Devcon has done a great job of using their water truck to minimize the impact of dust to Exshaw residents.  However, dust will blow during dry windy conditions. We expect dust to become more of a problem in July/August when we enter the dry season. We are exploring additional dust mitigation measures, but it will not be possible to completely eliminate dust blowing from the construction site. 

The water flow in the creek is being diverted to the west side of the creek, so that work can begin on the east bank. The large stockpile of class 3 rip-rap you see is for armouring the east bank of the creek. The east side of the creek bank will be dismantled and rebuilt in 30m sections, to ensure that the hamlet of Exshaw is not left unprotected during the spring run off.

Update May 30, 2019 Exshaw Creek Construction Update

The weather continues to cooperate and good progress is being made. A different material screener was brought on site this week. This screener is intended to be quieter and more durable. Also of note is that the old yellow pedestrian bridge will be moved off site early next week.

Our goal continues to be to complete the project on time, on budget and to provide high quality flood protection for both Lafarge and the residents of Exshaw.

Update- May 24, 2019 Exshaw Creek Construction Update

Construction progress for Exshaw Creek continues to be good and is moving along. The weather has co-operated and the flows in Exshaw Creek continue to be low.

The hauling of riprap started on May 06, 2019. The work has been focused on the placement of Class 4 riprap along the West (Lafarge) Berm. After the west side is complete, the Contractor will remove the riprap from the east side and reconstruct the berm with Class 3 riprap. The re-construction of the east berm will be completed in small stages to minimize the risk to the residences should there be an unexpected sudden flow in Exshaw Creek. The Contractor has the required equipment on site to place riprap on the berm as required to ensure the continued protection of the residences.

Excavation continues for the sediment pond and construction of the east berm. The Contractor has widened and deepened Exshaw Creek from the old (yellow) pedestrian bridge to the Highway 1A bridge to provide the safe passage of water through the construction site. The widening of the creek has limited the extent which the sediment pond can be excavated until the freshet (run-off) has passed.

The excavated material was used to construct the material stockpile along Windridge Road. The screener/sorter started operation on May 13, 2019 in the laydown area across from Windridge Road. This machine is noisy and dusty, and it is estimated to be required to operate until the end of July to produce the required material for the Project. The contractor has extended the berm on the north side as far as possible to minimize the noise to the condominiums. A water truck is on site and continues to spray water within construction site to minimize the dust. The contractor has also watered Windridge road to minimize the dust from the haul trucks. This is the most unpleasant parts of the Exshaw Creek project, and we apologize for the noise and dust. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding. When this project is complete, the residents of Exshaw will be significantly better protected from flooding from Exshaw Creek.

Questions or concerns please contact Doug Fulford, Director of Flood Recovery, at 403-493-0314.

Update- May 16, 2019 Exshaw Creek Construction Update

Construction on Exshaw Creek will cease for the May long weekend. Devcon Inc. will be shutting down this Friday, May 17th at 7:00 p.m. No construction will take place Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Work will commence again at 7:00 a.m ,Tuesday,  May 21. Construction staff will be monitoring the site over the weekend.

Update- April 25, 2019 Exshaw Creek Construction


Construction progress for Exshaw Creek has been good and is moving along. In general, work on the creek will initially be focused at the upstream end of Exshaw Creek and continue downstream over the course of the project. 

A material screener/sorter will soon be starting operation in the laydown area across from Windridge Road. This machine is going to be noisy and dusty, and will be operating until at least July. This is likely to be one of the most unpleasant parts of the Exshaw Creek project, and we apologize in advance for the noise and dust. 

**All attempts will be made to minimize dust and to complete this part of the project in the shortest time possible.**

Thank you in advance for your understanding. When this project is complete, the residents of Exshaw will be significantly better protected from flooding from Exshaw Creek.

Questions or concerns please contact Doug Fulford, Director of Flood Recovery, at 403-493-0314.

April 1, 2019

The M.D. of Bighorn is proud to announce that construction of the Exshaw Creek flood protection project will begin the first week of April 2019. This project will provide significant flood protection for the residents of Exshaw.

With the project about to begin, we would like to remind the residents of some important safety and other considerations with respect to the project:

  • The Contractor is Devcon Inc.
  • Construction will be starting on April 01, 2019 and will continue through October 2019.
  • Beginning on April 01, 2019, the west side of Windridge Road will be closed to parking.
  • Construction hours will generally be 7am – 7pm Monday through Saturday. There will occasionally be days when construction activity continues until 10pm.
  • A temporary steel panel fence will be installed to isolate the construction area and will prevent access to the construction area. Only construction personnel with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) which includes steel toed safety boot, high visibility vets, hard hat, safety glasses and hearing protection and a Contractor safety orientation will be allowed onto the work site.
  • The existing Exshaw Creek pedestrian (yellow) bridge will be removed as part of the construction project. The Exshaw School has been notified of the bridge closure. All pedestrians will be required to cross Exshaw Creek using the Hwy 1A bridge. A pre-cast concrete bridge will be constructed to replace the existing pedestrian bridge and is anticipated to be open for use by the Public in late October 2019.
  •  The construction area will be inherently dangerous with large machinery working, and the area should be avoided by the general public.
  • Due to safety concerns at the Lafarge Plant, off road transport vehicles will not be able to access the Lafarge quarry from the construction site. Rip-rap will be transported using highway trucks accessing the construction site from the Lafarge Plant using HYW 1A and the south portion of Windridge Road.
  • The construction project is going to be very noisy:
    • A gravel screening machine will be used to produce materials required for the Project from the excavated creek bed material.
    • Trucks will be hauling rip-rap to the site from the Lafarge Plant. The trucks will be dumping the rip-rap at various locations around the construction site.
    • Heavy equipment will be used for the creek excavation, construction of the berms and placement of the granular material and rip-rap bank armoring.
    • Piling equipment will be used to install the large steel components for a debris trash rack.

Updates of the progress of construction will be posted on the MD’s website and other social media.

Construction Access

Tree Clearing Area

Traffic Accommodation Study

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Doug Fulford, Director of Flood Recovery for the MD of Bighorn, at 403-493-0314.

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