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Posted on: February 21, 2019


Snow Plow Parked Car


March 14th update

MD crews have completed snow/ice removal operations in Rivers Bend and hope to have Limestone Valley Road completed today, if not tomorrow. 

Snow/ice removal operations will move to Lac des Arcs tomorrow or first thing next week.

The MD Operations crew would like to convey a big thank you, thus far, to all Exshaw and Dead Man’s Flats residents and contractors for keeping the streets clear enabling us to come in and do a thorough job of snow removal in those area.

March 11 update - 

MD crews have been successful in removing the ice from the shoulders throughout the River Bend subdivision, field staff report that Rivers Bend Close should be completed today and we will be continuing onto Rivers Bend Way and Rivers Bend Road next. It is possible that more snow is in the near future which may postpone snow/ice removal until later in the week. 

Thank you to all residents and contractors who ensured the streets were clear for snow removal. 

Site inspections done this morning revealed that snow/ice removal could also be done along Limestone Valley Road as well, which we will continue onto, once the residential streets of Rivers Bend have been completed, likely toward the end of the week. The MD asks that industrial lot owners refrain from parking on the street during this time. Keep in mind that, IF THE ORANGE FLASHING SIGNBOARD IS GONE, WE ARE GONE!

March 7 update - Municipal crews will commence snow/ice removal operations on Tuesday March 12, 2019 in the residential areas of the Rivers Bend community, we ask that all residents and especially contractors refrain from parking on the streets between 8:00 am. and 4:00 pm. daily. Municipal crews will attempt to remove the ice build up along the sides of the streets, if unsuccessful, contract services may be called upon to assist. Check back often for updates.

March 1st Update. 

Snow removal operations will continue in Exshaw the week of March 4 – 8, 2019. Upon the completion of Exshaw, crews will be moving on to Dead Mans Flats, Harvie Heights and Lac Des Arcs.Please assist us by parking clear of large piles of snow so that our equipment can access and remove it effectively.  Thank You

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