Playground Consultation

Dead Man's Flats - Playground replacement under Flood Recovery Program

Participate in Playground Consultations at Mad Dog Cafe in Dead Man's Flats on 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019;  10 am -12 noon  &  5-7 pm

The playground pictured below was in the field west of 2nd street and destroyed by the 2013 flood. 

This fall we scouted possible locations that are on Municipal land that is not tied to the pending land swap negotiations or future commercial development (development is NOT allowed on Environmental Reserve lands).  Playground replacement under the provincial flood recovery program has been delayed by ongoing land swap negotiations between the municipality and province. The Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) has a completion deadline of June 2019 for this playground to be funded by that program.

We have 3 possible locations for a replacement playground and 3 possible natural playground designs for the community to review and provide their feedback on.  Ideally we should decide before the end of December to get reduced pricing from the Playworks equipment supplier, but a final decision and order of equipment HAS to occur in January 2019 to ensure completion in May.

Picture 181

3 possible and 4 suggested but unsuitable sites - Map Link

We would love to hear your thoughts on the 3 possible sites (A, B & C) using natural playground designs (BDI, Playworks & Vilmac) provided and installed under DRP funding. 

Site A - in the north end of field west of 2nd Street, between footbridge and 2nd Street, uses outside of Pigeon Creek berm for a "bank slide", near the original playground location.

Site B - tucked inside the trees across from mailboxes on 3rd Avenue, uses outside of Pigeon Creek berm for a "bank slide", involves removal of a few small trees, all large trees are retained.

Sites A & B put a playground back in the original part of the hamlet and adds child interest there for residents and visitors to the community.

Site C - between 2 River's Bend trail ends, approximately 250 meters along the path to the existing River's Bend Way playground - no bank slide option here, 2 large evergreens would need to be removed.

The 3 possible sites - current area photos below:

Three Natural Playground Designs

We tried to incorporate fun activities for ages 2-12+ that blend with the natural environment. We are looking to incorporate a bank slide and have an engineered wood chip safety surfacing (take a look at the new Harvie Heights Playground in our December 2018 MD Newsletter - page 7) within the budget approved by DRP. 

Ways to participate in this discussion:

Please email your comments and questions to by January 10/19 and/or participate at public consultations at:

Mad Dog Cafe in Dead Man's Flats on Wednesday, January 9, 2019;  10 am - 12 noon & 5 - 7 pm

What do you like most and/or least about each site? A, B & C 

What do you like most and/or least about each natural playground design? BDI, Playworks & Vilmac 

What other comments or suggestions would you like to offer?

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Vilmac - DMF