Current Projects

2019-2020 Projects

Exshaw FireSmart Fuel Reduction Project

The MD of Bighorn No.8 will be conducting FireSmart fuel reduction within and surrounding Exshaw to reduce the threat of wildfire to life and property.

The project will start in November and be finished by mid-April.  Hand-crews will be thinning and pruning evergreen trees and removing dead and down trees and debris.


Debris will be burned onsite by the crews and piles may be left smouldering overnight depending on weather and snow conditions.

For further information please call:

Stew Walkinshaw, Project Supervisor at 403-678-7054

2018-2019 Projects

Lac Des Arcs

The community of LDA is undergoing a firesmart program which commenced on November 8, 2018.  The project consists of forest fire fuel reduction work: thinning of trees, limbing up branches, and removal of dead-fall, on municipal property in the hamlet. The project does not involve any private land.  The FireSmart Crew will start burning FireSmart hand piles in Block 1 on Wednesday November 21, 2018 and will be burning weekdays until further notice (~2 months) at the Hamlet of Lac Des Arcs in the S 1/2 Sec23 and N 1/2 Sec14-Twp24-Rge9-W5M.