Best Garden Selection Awards

In 2018 the MD again participated in the Communities in Bloom – Best Garden Selection Program

Due to only 1 nomination received by the June 15 deadline we have 1 winning yard to announce this year.  

This program is a fun, casual way to recognise the care and attention MD residents put into having beautiful yards and gardens in harmony with our surroundings and wildlife.  The program provides signs to post in the winning yards for the season. All MD residents will be eligible to participate again in 2019.

Best Garden

The 2018 Winners!

2018 Best Garden Selection winners are Dead Man's Flats neighbours Terri Savitsky and Paul Baumberg for their beautiful shared gardens in Pigeon Creek Condos. 

Photos of the many areas of their joint gardening efforts are scrolling on your right.

Terri's nomination said:
"Our yard it very tidy and it has a lot of curb appeal. All flowers are in bloom throughout the year as their season’s arrive. The flowers are both Native species and regular greenhouse flowers that have come up year after year or annuals.

The landscape shows several years of grooming and making the grounds more beautiful every year. The residents in the area are very grateful for the beauty that our lawn and gardens bring to everyone walking by. We also have a fairy garden.

The area around the condo has been work in progress since the 2013 floods when all previous gardening was washed away. Every year some new additions are made and we seem to make it work with new ideas every year. We try to incorporate as many natural plants that are indigenous to our Bow Valley and when nature plants these species we are appreciative for nature's contributions to our garden."

The Criteria

This program is run informally and loosely judged by these evaluation criteria:

• Environmental Action
• Floral Displays
• Heritage Conservation
• Landscape
• Native Plant Use
• Tidiness
• Urban Forestry
• Water Conservation

More on the evaluation categories 

2017 Best Garden Selection Winners - photo gallery

Exshaw: F deBeer, D Grady, L Hirsch, A Kelly, B Levstik, J Springstead, Exshaw Legion.

Jamieson Road area: P & K Clark, F MacLeod.