1. Bighorn Corridor Environment Committee (BCEC)

    The BCEC is a community-formed and community-based group, established to monitor area environmental issues, and work with regional industries in addressing environmental concerns that may arise as a result of industrial operations.

  2. Emergency Services Committee

    The Emergency Services Committee (EMS) reviews any matter pertaining to emergency services (ambulance, fire prevention / suppression, and policing) within the Municipal District, and forwards comments / recommendations back to Council.

  3. Finance & Economic Development Committee

    The Finance & Economic Development Committee (F&EDC), is made up of members of Council, focuses on financial management, community promotion and investment in the Municipal District. The committee meets monthly, to review the financial statements and auditors reports, and to form recommendations on financial / fiscal policies for Council.

  4. Heritage Resources Committee (HRC)

    The Heritage Resources Committee (HRC) advises Council on matters relating to historical resources, and municipal heritage policies and programs; encourages and advocates for the preservation and safeguarding of significant historical structures and sites.

  5. Municipal Excellence Committee (MEC)

    The Municipal Excellence Committee (MEC) reviews and considers changes to staff remuneration policies, recognizing market conditions, changing work expectations, productivity merit and inflationary factors.

  6. Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

    The MPC considers and makes decisions on development permit applications, acts as the municipality’s subdivision approving authority, and provides advice to Council on planning and development related matters.

  7. Streets & Roads Committee

    The Streets and Roads Committee reviews and considers changes to existing Municipal District policies with respect to streets and roads, and conditions thereto, and works towards the completion of a long-range transportation network plan, and / or a Roads Master Plan, using professional assistance when required.

  8. Weed Notice Appeal Committee (WNAC)

    Weed Notice Appeal Committee (WNAC) is formed to provide a semi-judicial review committee, to hear from recipients of weed notices, who are appealing said notices.