1. Agricultural Services & Environmental Board

    The Agricultural Services & Environmental Advisory Board (ASEAB) provides advice and recommends direction to Council in matters pertaining to the Municipal District’s agricultural programs and related environmental matters.

  2. Assessment Review Board (ARB)

    Formed pursuant to the Municipal Government Act, the ARB is a semi-judicial board formed to hear appeals on assessment matters.

  3. Community Services Board (CSB)

    The CSB provides advice and policy recommendations on the Municipal District’s: parks, culture, recreational and continuing education programs, social programs, and library services; and works with community groups, strengthening volunteerism in the Municipal District.

  4. Marigold Regional Library Board of Directors

    The MD is a member of the Marigold Regional Library system, in which thirty-five municipalities and three special areas have pooled resources to provide library services.

  5. Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (S / DAB)

    Established pursuant to the Municipal Government Act, the S / DAB is a semi-judicial body, formed as an impartial board to hear appeals on development permit and subdivision applications, and stop orders issued by the municipality.