Oral History Project

Survey & Inventory

The Heritage Resources Committee has completed a multi-year project to survey and inventory historical resources in the Municipal District of Bighorn. The oral history project is a natural extension of this work and is one of the goals of the Heritage Resources Management Plan. Having people share their stories about the past and talk about the buildings and sites in the Heritage Inventory or in the Heritage Survey will add to a fuller understanding and appreciation of these places.

Financial support from the Alberta Lottery Fund and the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation
  1. Bert Dyck

    Bert Dyck was the municipal manager of Improvement District Number 8 during the late 1980’s.

  2. Donna Butters (Johnson)

    Donna Butters was raised on one of Alberta’s oldest working Ranches, the Lazy JL Ranch.

  3. Doug Richards

    Mr. Richards talks about his parents working for horse outfitters in the Canadian Rockies and life on Richards Road during the 30s.

  4. Margaret Gmoser

    Margaret Gmoser was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1945.

  5. Peter Fuhrmann

    Peter Fuhrmann, long-time resident of the Hamlet of Harvie Heights, tells stories about his experiences.

  6. Robert & Mary Smith

    This interview with Robert Smith (Bob) and Mary Smith provides primary source information about Bob growing up immersed in nature at Lake Minnewanka.