About Bighorn

  1. Business & Industry

    Locate business resources available in your community.

  2. Communities

    Learn more about the Bow Corridor and Ranchlands areas in your community.

  3. Data & Statistics

    Review census information detailing statistics of the Bighorn community.

  4. History

    The Municipal District of Bighorn Number 8, previously Improvement District No.8, was created in January of 1988.

  5. Living with Wildlife

    It is important for residents to know how to co-exist with these animals and to minimize conflict for the safety of everyone.

  6. Maps

    The Municipal District of Bighorn is approximately 2,673 kilometers and is comprised of many different land types. These maps are available for use to help you explore the areas within the municipality.

  7. New Residents

    If you are new to the community – please view or download our Welcome Information.

  8. Things to Do

    Recreational opportunities abound in the Municipal District of Bighorn, from dog sledding, skiing, skating in the winter to hiking, horseback riding, cycling and climbing in the summer.

  9. Visitors

    Review resources that will help you find your way around the Municipal District of Bighorn and assist you as you explore our beautiful municipality.