Community Grants

Grant Purposes

The Municipal District of Bighorn provides grants, to eligible recipients, for various purposes:
  • Initiatives / causes / purposes of a broader scope, that will benefit the Municipal District
  • Organizations sponsoring special activities of benefit to Municipal District residents as a whole
  • Recognized Community Associations / Groups needing funds for recreation, culture, FCSS and facility-related projects

Application Review

Community Services Grant applications are reviewed by the Community Services Board (CSB) in September each year. The entire budget is just over $20,000 so grants may be reduced or prioritised by CSB to fit their annual grant budget. Recommendations from the CSB are considered by Council as part of the annual budgeting process, and successful recipients are notified via email soon after the budget is finalised with funds being released in January of the grant year.

Council Discretionary Grants are reviewed by the Community Services Board (CSB) for recommendation to Council  The application process for a Council Discretionary Grant is approximately 3 months. 


The deadline to apply for 2019 Community Services Grant funding is Friday August 24, 2018.

Council Discretionary Grants or other funding may be available outside the Community Services Grants time frame.  

Give Community Services a call at 403-673-3611 or 403-233-7678 to get more information on our grant application process.
For other possible MD funding sources please contact your Ward Councillor. 

Program Details