The Utilities Foreman / Safety Coordinator oversees the Municipal District's water and wastewater operations, solid waste removal programs, building / equipment / fleet maintenance, playground maintenance, trail maintenance and worker / workplace safety.

Two positions (Leadhand and Labourer) assist the Utilities Foreman / Safety Coordinator in carrying out these functions.
  1. Garbage & Recycling

    The Municipal District operates the waste / recycling system, delivering the materials to Calgary landfills and recycling depots, as appropriate.

  2. Wastewater

    The Hamlets of Exshaw, Dead Man’s Flats and the Highway Commercial District of Harvie Heights, have municipal sewage treatment systems. All other residents have private sewage treatment systems.

  3. Water

    Most residents in the Municipal District of Bighorn currently obtain their water from private wells. There are municipal water systems in the Highway Commercial District of Harvie Heights and in the Hamlets of Dead Man's Flats and Exshaw.